Civil and Criminal Appeals, Litigation and Trial Support.

KPL represents attorneys and accountants in claims of professional negligence at both the trial and appellate levels.

Our attorneys and legal staff vigorously investigate the claims brought against our clients. The range of knowledge and the experience of our attorneys lend themselves to a favorable early resolution – if in the best interests of the client – or an energetic and meticulous defense if early resolution is not an option.

In addition to defending lawyers and accountants on liability claims, KPL counsels and advises its clients on business and ethical issues. KPL also defends attorneys in Bar proceedings, from the initial investigatory stage through the actual trial of a grievance proceeding. Our clients benefit from the years of experience, legal acumen and resources that KPL attorneys possess.

We have defended attorneys and accountants in a broad spectrum of practice areas and matters. We are “lawyers’ lawyers” and our client base ranges from the solo practitioner to nationwide firms. Regardless of the relative size of the client, each client receives an efficient and effective defense and the full benefit of KPL exceptional resources, experience, and work product.

Our appellate practice and litigation support division has a well-established statewide appellate department that provides litigation support and legal analysis on procedural and substantive errors committed by the lower tribunals. Our experienced appellate attorneys represent clients in all of Florida’s District Courts of Appeal and the Florida Supreme Court, as well as in the Federal system from District Courts sitting in their appellate capacity, all the way to the United States Supreme Court. Our appellate attorneys regularly handle complex appellate litigation in both civil and criminal matters. We have handled literally thousands of appeals, resulting in over 750 published decisions in all areas of civil and criminal practice. Our attorneys are widely recognized by other appellate practitioners and judges for their knowledge of appellate law. Our attorneys frequently lecture on appellate issues, publish articles and newsletters, serve on the Florida Appellate Court Rules Committee, and hold office and Executive Council positions in the Florida Bar Appellate. We have also filed numerous amicus briefs to assist federal and state appellate courts decide important issues of substantive or procedural law that impact our clients.

Despite its name, the appellate department is not limited to the traditional work in appellate courts. We provide significant litigation support for all attorneys in all our offices and provide written opinions to our clients on a variety of topics. We recognize that appeals all start at the trial level, so our attorneys are available to offer their skills to trial attorneys – both inside and outside the firm. We provide strategic counseling and advice to trial lawyers and their clients on issues before an appeal is eminent to ensure that arguments are properly preserved for appeal. Other aspects of litigation support including assisting trial counsel with pre-trial motions, jury instructions, verdict forms, objections during trial and post-trial motions.

We also believe in keeping our clients informed of developments in Florida law. To that end, we provide our clients with frequent e-mail updates and analysis of legal issues as they are decided in Florida courts, as well as seminar services on topics of interest.

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