Risk Mitigation

Lawyers routinely find themselves facing complicated legal and factual issues that affect not only their clients, but potentially themselves. Take for example, a lawyer who is representing a client or clients and learns in the course of his engagement of a potential conflict of interest that can have far-reaching adverse consequences. Or, a lawyer who succeeds in recovering money for her client, yet finds herself in the crosshairs of another dispute when non-party individuals or entities make claims to the monies being held in trust for the client. In many instances, lawyers determine to “go it alone” without proper consultation. Oftentimes, this has the unfortunate effect of exacerbating the situation thereby inviting a claim against the lawyer herself.

The Firm maintains a significant practice counseling other lawyers in these types of situations. In each situation, the Firm works closely with its client to navigate through some of these more difficult situations. In these instances, the Firm’s goal is to altogether eliminate any future claim. Where that is not possible, the Firm’s efforts are focused upon mitigating any potential losses that can be asserted against the lawyer in any future claim.

In connection with the Firm’s active risk mitigation practice, the Firm regularly lectures both in-house and at seminars to lawyers, insurance companies, and other risk professionals.

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